Amicus Botanicus

Fiona Houghton

My name is Fi Houghton and I spend my time between London and the Cotswolds.

Pineapple by Fiona Houghton

I have always held some sort of brush or pen in my hand for as long as I can remember but was convinced by a very good friend to enrol in the CSBA, to embark on the diploma course in 2016 with her. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend but I decided to commit myself to the 2 year course and have never looked back!

I completed the course in July 2019 on time and was delighted to receive a distinction. I feel my strengths lie in the fine detail and also, combining watercolour with graphite.

I am currently in collaboration with a company that sells ethical and sustainable products and I will be selling my paintings through them.

In the meantime, I am inspired by the countryside around me and hope to carry on painting what makes me smile.

Sycamore by Fiona Houghton