Amicus Botanicus

Eriko Miki Tosaki

Eriko Miki Tosaki was born in Japan in 1960. After completing her training in textile design at the Musashino Art University in 1982, she worked as a freeelance illustrator and textile designer for some years and her work has been widely used by publishers and advertisers alike.

Orchid C.Love Castle 'Happiness' by Eriko Miki Tosaki

In 2005 she came to the UK to attend the English Gardening School's one-year Botanical Painting Course and gained a Diploma with Distinction for her work.

Eriko's chosen medium is watercolour and she has a deep love and respect for flowers, plants and natural forms which is demonstrated clearly in her fine work.

She exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Society in London in 2003 and was awarded a Silver Medal, and since then her work has been selected for inclusion in the Highgrove Florilegium presently being created to record in a permanent way the flora in the garden at Highgrove.

Two of Eriko's paintings are now in the permanent collection of the Hunt Institute in the USA.


Eriko can be contacted at .

Glass Gem Corn by Eriko Miki Tosaki